Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Griffin - Baseball - 9/21/09

Griffin's baseball game - here he is up at bat and rounding the bases (he got on base with balls thrown at him). In winter ball the focus is to learn the sport so they don't keep score. But when you ask the kids, they know who won and Griff said he stopped counting because they were so far ahead. They also rotate and get a chance to play all positions. We go to baseball on Monday's and Wednesday's, football practice and soccer practice on other days, with soccer and football games on Saturday. We're having a great time supporting the kids in their sports. We are no longer the "other" grandparents -- we are the her and now grandparents, which we love!

Santa Cruz Football - 9/19/09

Last Saturday Alec's team, the Seahawks played the Monterey Jets. They lost the game with a score of 27 -6. Was a tough game to watch with so many penalities, however Alec said it was one of his best defensive games. He was involved in many tackles like below (he's #2 on the white jeersey). Alec is 5'5", but only weighs 95 lbs. We saw him throughout the game get a hold of the guy running the ball, and holding on to him until one of his teammates would come along and help him take down the guy with the ball. Alec also gets tossed around or pushed out of the way many times. But he's tenacious and keeps on fighting.

Peyton Soccer - 9/19/09

Here's Peyton dribbling the ball down the field. Team played well, but lost to the Jaws with a score of 1 - 0.

Snow in Colorado - 9/21/09

Snow on Wendy and Troy's deck - 9/21/09 and they were expecting more last night. This is why we always say we can only visit Wendy and Troy the months of July and August.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Antique Car Weekend

In Santa Cruz last weekend the Horseless Carriage Car Club of America, Santa Cruz region met here in Scotts Valley at the local hotel conference center. Here at the RV park we had several members checked in with their prize possessions. Sue and I went to the Hotel parking lot and walked around to see these treasures. The club had 45 members show up with their cars and went on daily road trips of the Santa Cruz area.

A few of the cars that were there for the meet.

Model "T" Ford

Model "T" Buick

1918 Lincoln Touring Car (maybe 1 of 4 left in the world)

1925 Cadillac Touring Car again another rare car only a few left in existence.

1913 Simplex the owner said that this is probably the last of this year and model left in the world.


Kirstie, our 19 year old kitten is doing well. I had just washed her quilt and here she is under it rather than on top of it. She has adjusted to RV life very well, is relaxed and content. She has hyperthyroidism which is controlled with medication that is rubbed on the inside of her ears, which she doesn't seem to mind at all.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Griffin - Baseball

Griffin is playing winter ball so we go to games on Mondays and Wednesdays. They don't formally keep score, but the boys know who won the games -- they've won the two games they've played so far.

Seahawks vs Hollister Vikings - 9/12/09

Alec's 2nd football game of the season (he's got #2 on his shirt). The Santa Cruz Seahawks have played the Hollister Vikings for the past 10 years and this was the first time Santa Cruz beat the team with a score of 14-0. Was an exciting game with lots of action with Alec playing various positions.

Peyton's 1st Soccer Game - 9/12/09

Peyton's 1st soccer game of the season -- Bobcats (Peyton's Team) vs Pajaro Valley United from Wats0nville. Bobcats lost the game 5-4, but Peyton made 2 of the 4 goals. She played goalie in the 1st half of the game allowing one to slip by her and then played a forward in the second half. The other team dominated the first half scoring the 5 points, but the Bobcats rallied in the second half scoring the 4 points.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Football Jamboree - August 30, 2009

Since arriving in Santa Cruz, we've been going to Alec's football practices which were every night, but are now three times a week since school has started. He plays for Pop Warner on the Seahawks team. Alec plays many different positions, but primarly as quarterback, which you can see in the photo -- #2 on his jersey. He's in 8th grade and grew about 4 inches this summer -- is 5'5", which towers over Grandma. He plays both offensive and defensive as the tight end, and special teams as the guy who holds the ball for the goal kick. These pics are from the jamboree where they played the West Bay Rams. Seahawks did good but the Rams were tough and beat us 20 - 12.

Griffin and Peyton also do crossfit and I've had the pleasure of taking them and watching them do crossfit. These kids are very active! Griffing starts winter baseball -- tonight's his first game!

Seahawks vs Cambrian Valley Longhorns, September 6, 2009

Sunday was Alec's first game - was an away game at the Cambrian Valley School in San Jose, and what a game it was. All those boys worked really hard and played a terrific game. The Seahawks scored first. The game was filled with one exciting play after another.

The offensive team was great at running the ball and getting yardage with just about every play. One kid had three guys on him, but he was able to step over the guys tackling him, laid his body out and got a touchdown with guys holding on to his legs. They were able to break through the lines for some great runs -- was amazing to see the kids find the holes in the line and doing great passing/catching of the ball.

Alec did a great job too. He quarterbacked practically the whole game getting three touchdowns on his drive down the field. They also put him in as tight end, defensive end, holding the ball for the kicker, got some great tackles.

Alec got his first injury in a game when an opponents's equipment pressed down on his arm. He was bleeding, but the coach wrapped up his arm and he was in quarterbacking shortly after.

They won their first game!

Santa Cruz - Peyton's Soccer & Sewing With Grandma

We arrived in Santa Cruz about a week early -- in time for Peyton Soccer Jamboree. They played three different teams for 20 minute periods. They lost the first game, tied one and won one game. She scored a goal in the game they won. She loves the game and the regular season will start in a couple weeks.

How cute is she?

Last Christmas Peyton got a kit to make a sock monkey. She's been waiting a long time for Grandma to come and make it with her. Here she is sewing under Grandma's guidance. Peyton did the sewing and stuffing. Peejay (name of the stuffed monkey), has a little teddy bear friend that we had to make. Here she is stuffing him. She did a great job!

Alec and Griffin making cookies.