Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2012 Colorado (August)

Our summer travels always takes us to Golden, Co., to visit with our daughter and son in law and have a great time there.  From attending the Buffalo Bill Days Celebration, Coors Brewery, Colorado Rockies Ball game as some of the events we like.  Another favorite is the farmers market a must stop every year.

This year we drove south to see Pike's Peak and ride the Cog Railway to the 14100 ft summit.  The weather was beautiful a little windy on top of the mountain, the view was spectacular with almost unlimited view and temperature very comfortable. 

Another attraction in that same area was the "Garden of the Gods" very large red rock formations and trails.  There the weather did turn somewhat questionable with some heavy rains, lightning and thunder.  This area was also affected with the wild fires earlier in 2012. We did not see too much of that but were told of the damage in parts of the area surrounding the Colorado Springs.  The rain was much needed in the area for what they have been going thru during the past few years. 

The week before we departed for Texas we got to see a great concert at "Red Rock Amphitheater" just outside Denver.  "Chicago and the Doobie Brothers" performed for well over 2 hours.  The amphitheater is set up on the hillside with a natural backdrop of rock walls giving it the Amphitheater setting.  There isn't one bad seat there. What a great show.  Have to keep this in mind for another repeat visit.

Just northeast of Denver is the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, this facility with over 700 acres was established to rescue wild animals like lions, tigers, wrestling bears from parks or shows that have gone out of business or circus that have shut down.   The park is laid out with an elevated walkway so there is not direct interaction with the animals.  The park has an area to get new animals aclamated with the park, personnel and soon their own breed, and later on they get to move to larger areas to roam and enjoy the rest of their lives. At the far end of the walkway there is the "Bolivian Lion House which covers some 20 acres is for 25 lions that were rescued.   Some 25 bears were rescued from Texas and for a guess a couple of hundred acres to roam and play.  There are pools, fountains, large cement culverts laid out like dens for them to rest.  You can watch the bears play on the rope tire swing. 
Downtown Golden

 Got to have the western theme with the "Bronco Buster" and training bull.

 Modified Lawn Mower with Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats and with matching coolers and it looks like "Charmin" paper.

Coors is always there with their message of "Proudly Supporting Our Troops".


Base Station Pike's Peak Cog Railway Manitou Springs
 More modern Cog Railway system.  Unlike NH which has the oldest in the world cog railway.
 Windy Point at about the mid point of the trip.
 Summit Station
 Tourist doing their thing to prove they were there.
 Spectacular View
 Garden of the Gods


 Red Rock Amphitheater

 Rocky Mountain Wildlife Santuary
 Elevated Walkway

 Bolivian Lion Habitat

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shabby girl said...

I just know you are having a marvelous time! We have many of the same photos from around CO Spgs. So beautiful. We haven't been to the Wild Animal Sanctuary, but I'd love to see it. Isn't it wonderful that there is a place where these beauties can go to live out their lives in peace?