Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here in Colorado August 16, 2008

We left Santa Cruz California from Melanie’s house in Scotts Valley and headed to Wendy and Troy’s in Golden, Colorado. We left after 1 pm on Wednesday and stopped in Fernley, Nevada about 30 miles east of Reno. We stopped at a Flying J truck stop and fueled up. Price of diesel was around 4.29 a gallon down from 5.19 in California. We pulled in around 9:30 at night and found a spot out of the way of the truckers. We got a strange wake up call during the night. For those of you who remember the show “I Love Lucy” the episode that Lucy, Desi, Fred and Ethel are heading towards California and end up spending the night at a cabin. They settled in and then woke up to a very loud sound of a train going to run thru the cabin. That is what we woke up to and started to laugh remembering that episode and also of the movie My Cousin Vinny with the train going pass the hotel early in the morning. The tracks were within a couple of hundred feet of the RV.

We had some weather on the way back to Colorado. We were driving up Coal Creek Canyon road around 8800 ft elevation, the rain turned to something that I was hoping to avoid “SNOW”. It didn’t last but a few minutes but it did snow. We looked out the window this morning Saturday and saw Long Peak mountain 14000 ft elevation and it was topped with snow, this morning Eisenhower tunnel area on Interstate 70 and Loveland pass area had snow and the road had to be plowed. I am not ready for this especially in August.

We plan on being in Colorado till just after Labor Day when we will head towards Wyoming and go to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks for about a week of visiting then head back to Santa Cruz, CA to see Melanie and her family. Will update soon with hopefully more pictures and stories.
Rene & Sue

Friday, August 15, 2008

On the road again 8-15-08

Today we are on our way back to Wendy in Colorado. We had a great 3 weeks plus with Melanie and her family in Truckee and Santa Cruz, Ca. We took the kids rving last weekend and stayed at a KOA campground with all types of activities for them to enjoy. We went to the beach and boating at Lake Tahoe. We are going to spend a couple of weeks in Colorado till after Labor day then head back west to California with stops Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Teton National park in Wyoming. We will be back in California by mid September for a week or 2 to see the boys play Pop Warner football, then we will head to the southwest to Nevada, Arizona and Southern California. We are not sure where we will be for the winter but it will be a place we hope without snow, sleet or anything that looks or smells cold.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Wake Boarding

Last Saturday we spent on Lake Tahoe where the kids had a good time in the boat and Griffin who likes to do wake boarding. The water was rather choppy and Griffin said not as fun, but Rene and I enjoyed watching him. Truckee and the Tahoe area was affected by the forest fires as was evident by the hazy conditions of the area.

Alec had his chance to drive to boat. He's pretty good too!

Peyton likes to sew!

Peyton wants to sew! Peyton decided that she wanted to make something. We took her to Walmart where she picked out a pattern for a cute little dress and she also chose the fabric. Once we got home, she was anxious to get started. We began the cutting process and she helped pin and cut. She would sit on my knee and run the foot pedal of the sewing machine while I guided the fabric. We finished the dress in a couple of days. We also made a matching head ban and a little pocketbook. She put the dress on and wore it for 2-3 days before she let us wash it. She was so excited about sewing and I'm only too happy to oblige.

Peyton's New DressHere is Peyton's finished product!

You'll notice Griffin in the first photo. He's interested as well and wants to make some pants -- we used to call them jams. Once we get back to Scotts Valley, Griffin and I will go shopping.