Monday, May 4, 2009

Charleston, SC & Virginia

After leaving Atlanta and headed to Charleston, SC and stayed at Charleston Air Force Base FamCamp about 10 miles outside of downtown Charleston. Visited the Historic section of town, the Battery by horse drawn carriage, the Old Slave Market and went to the see the H L Hunley at the old Charleston Naval Shipyard, the submarine recovered from Charleston Harbor within the past 1o years it has been on the bottom of the harbor since 1860's.

We also took a harbor tour out to Fort Sumter and walked around the old fort. We left Charleston and headed to Myrtle Beach area, we stayed at a campground in Sunset Beach, NC about 30 miles north of Myrtle Beach SC. Like I said earlier we did visit Myrtle Beach and came to the conclusion that if you don't golf this isn't the place to be. We left there and drove to Virginia Beach and here we are.

On the North side of Charleston is Johnny's Grill, which is owned by the cousin of my best friend Pam. We went there for lunch one day and met Johnny and his wife Sue. The restaurant was great serving the best food. We also got to meet their daughter who runs a spa next to the restaurant.

We are in Virginia Beach, VA. Arrived here on Thursday evening after leaving Sunset Beach, NC just north of Myrtle Beach. We left just in time as the car was covered with ash from the wildfires in Myrtle Beach where about 80 houses burned to the ground and another 100+ have been damaged. We were in Myrtle Beach area driving around when we saw a large area with a lot of smoke and on Thursday morning when we found out about the fire. We got here and set up first at Oceana Naval Air Station at Ocean Mist campground a FamCamp at Oceana. We had to move out on Friday and go to Ocean Pines another Oceana FamCamp about 5 miles inland and about 8 miles from Virginia Beach.

On Sunday visited with Brandy, Sue's niece her brother Dennis's daughter and her family that live near Norfolk Operating Base. We had a great visit visiting with Brandy and family.

We then went to Suffolk to visit Rene's nephew and his family. It was Dwight's birthday.