Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2012 Trip to South Dakota

June 2012 traveled from Montana to South Dakota.

As we traveled east out of Montana we could saw many wildfires in progress and the smoke was thickening.  We entered into Spearfish, we could see the air drops from Helicopters and at one location towards Rapid City roads were closed and could see the flames.  This was a scene we followed from Montana all the way into Colorado.

This trip was a little exciting as the weather was not in our favor the day we left.  We traveled down from West Glacier along the east side of Swan Lake encountering some heavy rain, lightning and winds.  We finally got to Missoula and got back on I90 east.  Sue took over driving for a while and as we got closer to Wyoming we hit some heavy winds and had to get off the Interstate at a rest stop along with many trucks and RV's and wait for the winds to die down.  We got to South Dakota and checked in at Elkhorn Ridge RV Park and Resort in Spearfish, SD just off I90.

This RV Resort and Park was so well laid out with large lots, level and full hook ups.  They can handle any size RV's.
From Spearfish, we went to visit our friends who use to live in NH who now live in Lead, SD about 8 miles away.  Lead, SD borders the city of Deadwood the town where Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down in 1876 supposedly holding the famous "Dead Man's Hand of a pair of Aces and eights". 

Deadwood has been featured a few times on the "Ghost Hunting" when they visited a few sites there.

Deadwood is noted today for its casinos.  The newest one being that of "Big and Rich" Deadwood Mountain Grand.

Location is as they say everything, close to Mt Rushmore, Custer State Park, Windcaves National Park.  We still have to see the Badlands, Devil's tower, Sturgis and many more places on our return trip.

Custer State Park is one of those places we like to revisit.  The bison, donkeys and antelope run wild or just walk down the road stopping a lot of traffic.  We do not argue with them, its their back yard.  Another "Needles Highway" one of those roads that was not made for RV's.

These donkeys were going from car to car looking for handouts.  Many people brought supplies just in case they would be held hostage waiting for food. 

It is hard to believe that tour busses that are 40 + feet in length actually go thru this tunnel and sometimes there are kids that like to jump on top of the bus and jump off.  They jump from the left side where there is a small flat area and then exit on the right to another flat area.  The driver cannot do anything as he could not open the door even if he had to.  No, we did not try to bring our RV thru it.  We traveled in a Jeep Wrangler. 

Another repeat stop is Mt Rushmore.  The walk down the Hall of Flags and the scene above the amphitheater is always impressive. 

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